David Pavlich: Airborne Art Project

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    I recently moved to Winnipeg from New Orleans. My wife is from Winnipeg and her family is here, so after 20+ years in the New Orleans area, we’ve come to Winnipeg to spend our retirement years. During those 20 years, we’ve been to Winnipeg many times to visit family. I’ve been to the Royal Aviation Museum many times in those 20 years. I’ve taken a lot of pictures during those visits, so for the last visit, I took several images of some of the icons of the museum.

    The Bristol Freighter has been a stalwart and is one of my favorites. To celebrate its unique character, I took seven exposures at different shutter speeds and processed it in a program to give it a highly detailed and heavily saturated colour scheme known as HDR or High Dynamic Range. This sort of image always generates a lot of questions and is sometimes mistaken for a painting.

    I print my own photos and make the mounts at home. This particular image was printed on a metallic based photo paper to enhance the colours. It is also sprayed with a lacquer for protection since it is not in a conventional frame.


    Airborne Art 2017

    Back in 2014, our storage areas were bursting at the seams with surplus airplane parts. We asked the art community to bring new life to some unique pieces of “canvas.” A piece of scrap metal, loop antennas, pieces of exhaust—the vintage aircraft parts became one-of-a-kind art.

    The finished pieces were donated back to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada for charitable fundraising.

    Our first Airborne Art Project was so successful we invited artists to collaborate with us again. We’re very excited that the pieces are now starting to be unveiled and returned to us here at the museum.

    This is our third year of the program and we couldn’t be more excited. The level of participation and quality of the art is amazing and gives the museum a unique fundraising opportunity that no other organization has.

    The art is displayed in the museum and auctioned at our Out of the Blue Gala on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

    For more information, or if you are an artist and would like to participate next year, please contact:

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