Article: Vintage Tales from the Aircraft Graveyard

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    by Chris Parsons, aka Chris Without the Hat

    It was the summer of 1981. With his faithful dog by his side, Bill Greaves waits for his son at RAF Swanton Morley in Norfolk, England. His son was an RAF airman who was stationed at the Swanton Morley airfield. During World War II, Swanton Morley was the home the finest aircraft that serviced the RAF. These days, the airfield sees very little action.

    While Bill is enjoying the view, his dog begins to bark madly at what looks like an RAF airman, running wildly down the runway towards them. Bill can distinctly hear the sound of the gravel crunching under the RAF airman’s boots. Greaves attempts to communicate with the panicked airman only to have him run right past. As he turns to follow the airman’s path, Greaves notices that the airman is running towards a crashed bomber. When Greaves looks down, he realizes that the ground beneath them is paved and that the airman’s boots would have made no such sound. Then, the bomber, the airman, the smoke and the fire start to fade away.

    Some say that spirits choose to haunt areas and objects that have sentimental meanings to them. If this is true, it might serve as an explanation as to why there are so many stories describing ghosts that haunt airplanes, airstrips and hangars around the world.


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