Article: A Dazzling Light at Thousands of Miles An Hour

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    by Chris Parsons, aka Chris Without the Hat

    There are many unexplained happenings out there and it would seem that pilots would be the ones that tell the tales. The problem is that their stories are not often told. It all boils down to credibility. Captains of the jetliners and military aircraft are among the most intensively guarded and rechecked people of any business. In order to maintain their own credibility it is believed that many pilots withhold their unexplained sightings and tales. Some stories have been told however, and here’s an example.

    Lane C. Morrow was flying his last load of passengers from Mascot International in Sydney, Australia to Cootamundra, New South Wales on the 7th of September in 1972. About thirty minutes into the flight, Morrow notices a very bright light coming from an object directly to his left and apparently at his altitude. Despite the dazzling intensity of the light, it didn’t hurt his eyes. Suddenly the object began behaving erratically. It began pitching up and down and moving left and right at speeds that were not possible. It then sped away at what Morrow describes as “thousands of miles per hour”. Lane C. Morrow was reluctant to ask since his credibility was on the line but still radioed Sydney to inquire if there were any aircraft charted to be in his location.

    There was not.

    We enjoy these stories because they bend the limits of our own consciousness. However, since they do bend our limits of consciousness we tend to view them as false. It’s too bad though since many true ghost and UFO stories are never told or not taken seriously leading to their stigma of being “phoney”. Imagine just for a moment the stories that we haven’t been told by pilots that have the opportunity to visit the vast and limitless skies.


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