Article: Is CF-AKT Haunted?

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    Original story by Chris Parsons, aka Chris without the Hat

    George Kemp, a museum volunteer, arrived at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11, 1980. He was there to open the museum for the volunteers in the restoration department; not normally his responsibility, but he was able to help out. The old museum building on Lily Street had a finicky lock. This particular night, George attempted two or three times to get the tumblers of the locking mechanism to cooperate with the teeth of his keys. And then with a lot of effort, he got the heavy, oversized and clunky door to open and slam shut.

    Upon entering the building, the only light available to George’s eyes was that of the exit sign that cast a reddish hue on the room. Flipping on the hall lights, George began to move toward the Fairchild 71C, CF-AKT, which was closest to the door in the display area. Just then, before George had the chance to turn on the lights in the display room, the dark figure of a tall man stepped out from behind the Fairchild 71C! He was wearing a fur-type hat with earflaps tied on top, some sort of parka, pants, and fairly high boots. Thinking that it was a maintenance worker from the Museum of Man and Nature checking the steam meters for the heating system, George said, “Good evening, why didn’t you turn the lights on? You would have been able to see the aircraft better.” No answer.

    When George turned on the lights, the dark figure vanished.

    All the doors in the museum were locked when George entered the room and the door that he did open made a horrible racket (as it normally does) when it shut behind him.  There was no other way in and no way out of the museum – and yet there was no one now standing in the spot where the dark figure had appeared!

    Over the years, other volunteers have reported hearing footsteps near the Fairchild 71C when there should be no footsteps at all. Which leads us to wonder, could our own Fairchild 71C be haunted?

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