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  • Canadair CL-215 and Bombardier 415

    Find out what it’s like to fight forest fires with the Canadian-made Bombardier 415 (and older Canadair CL-215). Visitors can hear pilots tell their experience flying over dangerous fire conditions and watch videos showing the water bombers in action fighting raging forest infernos. The display includes photos, videos and scaled model aircraft.

    Water Bombers Here in Manitoba

    Winnipeggers driving in the vicinity of James Armstrong Richardson Airport may have noticed several bright red and yellow propeller-driven aircraft on the tarmac. Frequently cited as the world’s best water bomber, the Bombardier 415 is a turboprop plane capable of carrying more than 55,000 litres of water. The four Bombardier 415 water bombers in Winnipeg were ordered in 2010 as part of a $126 million upgrade to the province’s forest firefighting program.

    The Canadair CL-215 was the world’s first purpose-built water bomber. Bombardier acquired Canadair in 1986 and went on to upgrade the water bomber with better avionics, turboprop engines (instead of radial engines) as well as modifying the aerodynamic surfaces.

    In 2014, Manitoba Government Air Service was using four 415s and two 215s for this work. Don’t miss this temporary exhibit that showcases this present-day lifesaving workhorse!

    In the photo above is a Canadair CL-215 (left) and newer Bombardier 415 (in foreground). The photos below are of the newer Bombardier 415.

    Bombardier415-MGAS-#258 Bombardier415-MGAS-Aerial

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  • Kevin 04.20.2015

    Would be nice to see a real aircraft on display instead of models since there’s plenty of them lying about just outside the museum.

  • Gerald Sarapu

    Your picture shows 3 Canadair CL215s not CL415s. CL215s only have the Pratt & Whitney R2800 piston engines.

  • Karen

    We’ve added additional photos to this page of the Bombardier 415s which are featured in this exhibit alongside the older Canadair CL-215s. Our exhibit staff have also confirmed for us that the province is still operating two older 215s and four new 415s for fighting forest fires here in Manitoba and elsewhere when there’s a need.

  • Karen

    The Province of Manitoba often parks their Bombardier water bombers close to the museum as that government department occupies hangar space close by. Often our visitors do have the pleasure of seeing the water bombers up close. When the 215s and new 415s are not parked there and are away being used throughout the province or in other places, we wanted our visitors to have a sense of what these aircraft look like so we’ve included the models we have in our collection as part of the exhibit.

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